You may be impressed by the pretty and elegant home furnishing and the curtains in the Korean series if you are one of the friends who is fond of the series. You may pay much attention to the curtains, just because they are so beautiful and lovely, the patterns and the colors are various. In recent years, our countries curtains are popular for the Korean styles, thus we should mention the half muslin curtains as the representative. Because White Sheers Curtains have a higher transparency, if you use it alone, it will affect the room in some extent. It should be used matched with other curtain together. Here we would like to introduce some suggestions to help show the beauty of the half muslin curtains.

1, Choose the curtains according to the directions of the room.

Only choose the proper curtains can create a warm effect according to the directions. If the room is facing to the south, there will be adequate lights, and it is suitable for transparency curtains, and the muslin curtains would be a wide choice which would make the daylight indoor fine. And if it is a north room, you need to use a little thicker curtain to create a warmth feeling. If it is east or west of the room, so the main role of the curtain is to block the sunshine.

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2, pay attention to the curtain hanging ways

Because half the muslin curtains texture is soft, when you are hanging the curtain, it is not easy to use cloth punching direct suspension, also don't choose the laced way, the best method is using the curtain ring, which is not only easy to unpick and wash, but also easy to pull, and when you pull the curtains there would no effect on the curtains.

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3, the choice of patterns and colors

According to the room colors within the floor color, furniture color to choose the curtains, and half of the muslin curtain styles are not the same, people who like simple feeling can choose elegant single color curtain, and the shallow grain curtain is the representative of a generous and elegant curtains. The distinguished and atmosphere curtain would be similar to Germany's big flowers curtain.

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According to the above three points to select the half of muslin curtains you will make your room looks perfect.

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