People care for privacy more and more, even the husband and wife at home. They do not want to be seem when they are in bathroom and one is taking shower but the other is not. Whereas, varieties kinds of shower curtains coming out. How many styles shower curtains we can choose and what kinds of shower curtain fabric can be used in our life?

First is PVC fabric

PVC shower curtain is has solid chemical contents and hard to be burn and it is very cheap.

Second fabric is PEVA

PEVA is combination of PE and EVA, is a relatively environmental protection fabric that good for heath when use for interior decoration.


Third is polyester fabric

Polyester has great quality in wrinkle resistant and has good drape quality. Good at return to restored to their original when it is wrinkle.

Whatever fabric shower curtain you choose, taking comprehensive advantages to make final choice, only this you can have an appreciate shower curtain for bathroom decoration. No mater the curtain or house decoration items. Remember what you need, give a comprehensive analysis when you buying them because only after you have a comprehension that you can take home what you really want.

fabric shower curtain

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